funny faces ^^
gatas sa labi?
gatas sa bigote akin eh -,-
"It seems like maybe these tiny little moments make an awesome difference in many of our rushed, jam-packed lives"

The Book of Awesome - Neil Pasricha
#TheBookOfAwesome :D
ilong na pango
tatak Pilipino!
huh 😋😜😆😎
sorry for the awful shading :(
anyways, here she is again!
Juvia!!! ^^
I just wish I can draw her without a reference :D
#FT #FairyTail #JuviaLockser
I don’t know if I drew him right :/
oh well
#FairyTail #NatsuDragneel
close up ba kamo?
oh ayan! hahaha >,<
hahaha oh yea! :D
first day of summer classes went smoothly! \(’ v ‘)/